One Horse Photography: Blog en-us (C) (One Horse Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:47:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:47:00 GMT One Horse Photography: Blog 94 120 SaltWata: Portraits from the Sea Islands at the Tree Loft Gallery       Earlier this year, I was approached by the Bull Street Library to do an exhibit of Sea Island /Low country photos to run in conjunction to their Summer Reading Program. This years book is the best selling Pat Conroy memoir  "The Water is Wide". If you are not familiar  here is the AMAZON description:

The moving story of a young teacher’s experience on an island forgotten by the world.Though the children of Yamacraw Island live less than two miles from the coast of South Carolina, they can’t name the president or the ocean that surrounds them. Many can’t sign their names. Most can’t read or write―they’re unable to reach their potential to grow and learn because they have been failed by their school district and handicapped by their poverty and isolation. But with the arrival of an eager young teacher, their prospects begin to brighten.

Based on Pat Conroy’s experiences teaching elementary school for a year on South Carolina’s Daufuskie Island, The Water Is Wide is a revealing portrait of the inequalities of the American education system and a powerful story of the group of children that changed one man’s life forever."

 A brief quote from the book gives a glimpse to the beautiful writing that just drips from Conroy...

"Yamacraw is an island off the South Carolina mainland not far from Savannah, Georgia. The island is fringed with the green, undulating marshes of the southern coast; shrimp boats ply the waters around her and fishermen cast their lines along her bountiful shores. Deer cut through her forests in small silent herds. The great southern oaks stand broodingly on her banks. The island and the waters around her teem with life. There is something eternal and indestructible about the tide-eroded shores and the dark, threatening silences of the swamps in the heart of the island. Yamacraw is beautiful because man has not yet had time to destroy this beauty."

 Of course, when asked if I had photos that would compliment the book, I said, "Why YES, I  DO". Nature photography will always hold a rich place in my heart.  So it began, I scoured tons of  my images and narrowed it down to about 50. That took some time. Oh, And then I had to come up with a title for many of them. It was a group effort :)

If you have never done a display or exhibit... there is a way more that goes into it that you would believe! I will save you the details, but I said more than a few time, " I just want it framed and hung so I can get my life back!"  it wasn't that back, just very time consuming .

It turned out beautiful! The opening reception was very well attended and received. I was over whelmed by all the  compliments and kind words, thank you all again for  coming out and supporting local artist!

Thank you to all my friends at the library for putting up with me, and for helping. It was not a solo effort!

​Tim Gudiera from WTOC News asked to do a story on the exhibit, and  they did a beautiful job . Thanks Tim and Ricardo !!




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2014 Comes to a close I am sure that like me, you are wondering "where did it go?" Wow that was a busy and quick year... Lots of events and shows at The Civic Center, a couple of weddings ... music and more music... Rodeos.  Ossabaw... Tybee... I never seem to know what is next. Did I learn, did I grow? You bet! God only knows what is coming up in 2015.. look out, here I come! Take care, and Happy Holidays !


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Change.... Creating a new web page... Sounds easy, sounds fun. Until you actually let it all sink in... Overwhelming, does not equal easy or fun.
What to showcase, what to change, what to add or remove....
Grow, evolve, rebrand...all words that are much easier to say than   do- at least for me. New year, new focus( pun intended) new direction. But is it really? It is still me, my way of seeing, my work. The whole 
" the more things change, the more they stay the same" concept. My photography, much like my life, is unpredictable and always changing. I have no life plan set in stone. Life evolves, grows. Same for my photos. Elements remain the same, but details change.  
Chapters, it's all just different chapters... And here I go on the next one. Climb on up and let's see where the path goes...
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Welcome to the new web page! Welcome to the next chapter of One Horse Photography!   Who says an old dog can't learn something new;)

This page is through the cool folks at  Zenfolio, and there will be lots of new options, and better service. I'm excited about the new site! Yes it will take me a bit to get the hang of a new "HOME" but  I'm really looking forward to the challenge. Stay tuned for changes !

 Thanks for stopping by, Ann

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The Story Behind the Shots.... 2011 Spring 2011.... I was very fortunate to join Nature Photographer Eric Horan and Naturalist Marvin Bouknight, along with a wonderful group of fellow photographers as we spent memorable weekend on Ossabaw Island, the third largest barrier island located off the Georgia coastline, on the Atlantic Ocean. A short19.5 miles from my front lawn.... but in reality, a million miles away... As cliche' as it sounds.... a weekend that changed my life.. and view of the impact that we humans have made on the earth...

I had someone ask me before I departed, "why are you going over there? there isn't anything out there".... but oh, yes there was... it was jam packed.... teaming with activity... and wildlife. You just have to stand still long enough to see it. Something that we don't remember to do much these days it seems... with email, cellphones, soccer games, dinner, etc... who has time to stand still? and I'll admit, I was on my cell phone allot while I was there, taking phone pics, and uploading them to Facebook for my friends to see what I was experiencing, checking the weather, the satellite map of the island etc... (that's how I know it was 19.5 miles ;)...and I felt soooo guilty about even carrying a cell phone....

Yes, it was life changing to stand on ground and beaches that native peoples stood on 4,000 yeas ago, and get the chance now,to see it pretty much the same as it was then... after it has been through the eras of colonial and ante-bellum plantation owners, and the enslaved African Americans and the tenant farmers, and the 20th century northern families. Most of the island is now back to the way it was before, before the ancient oaks were felled by hand saws to make the great sailing ships, before the dark hands planted and picked the cotton, indigo and other crops. These days, most of the "hands" on the island belong to raccoons, sea turtles and other creatures...

To get to the island, we had to drive across Skidaway Island, a private, gated golf and tennis community that bears little if any resemblance to what it once was- really hit a nerve with me on the return trip home, I was slapped in the face with the way I saw it this time... now I know what it could have looked like before it was massacred and sliced into tiny lots and sold. (I'm very familiar with Skidaway, I worked out there for five years over twenty years ago, and little has changed)

Anyway, we launched from Delegal Marina and settled in for the brief trip to Ossabaw. We were a bit nervous as bad weather was rolling in... the wind was whipping and the tornado warnings were issued. We reached the dock, offloaded and headed to the Club House a refurbished late 1800's hunting cabin, to meet the rest of the group and get settled in. It rained off and on the rest of the afternoon. Several of us would attempt to venture out to do a bit of exploring... and take advantage of the amazing golden lighting brought about due to the storm -only to be sent dashing back to "Base Camp" to get in out of the rain with our camera gear. it was a good way to meet the others and plan the rest of the weekends excursions.

The next morning before sunrise, we met up with Cody the resident DNR officer, and we all crammed into the pickup truck for the bumpy10 mile ride to the beach to catch the sunrise. The road under the the narrow canopy of oak trees, that goes from the North end to the South end of the island was amazing all on its own. It is said that this is probably one of the oldest still in use roads in America- dating back to the 1600's

Due to our getting a lateish start to the day, we missed the sunrise by just a few minutes. We didn't mind too much, we got to explore the "Bone Yard" where the beach is eroding into the sea and the trees along the edge have fallen on to the beach. These made for some amazing back drops and great subjects to photograph. Trust me, you have not traveled, until you go to a barren island with a group of excited photographers. At least WE all understood each others enthusiasm !

By mid morning we were getting a bit tuckered out and headed back to the ClubHouse for a wonderful lunch. Our chefs for the trip were Eric's wife Jan, and her good friend Jill... thank you again ladies for the delightful spreads you put on for us! That evening we all gathered back up and rode out to a few other spots to photograph. The Island was three seperate plantations at one point, and we heded to Middle Place to check out some old buildings. the focal point being the Tower House that was built in the 1970's by a group of artist that were part of the Genisis Project. We caught this barn like building and the river as the sun was setting. That evening we had "Movie night" as we all gathered in the main room of the clubhouse to view and critic some of the photos from the day that the guys projected onto a sheet that was hung on the front of the fire place . this worked out nicely, we got to see how the others "saw" the same things.]]>
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I "did it".... look out 2010...
Yes, for those of you that are tired of me saying something like “one of these days, when I get a GOOD camera”...well, I did it; I broke down and got what I’d call a mac daddy, a Nikon D700…and a lot of bells and whistles that come with it. I probably bit off way more than I can chew, and this camera is probably way more than I need- good gawd the owner’s manual is about a half inch thick…for those of you with a film background etc, and can remember film speeds.. like 100, 200 or for fast action, 400 (fast but pretty grainy) this new Cadillac can shoot 6400….and not bat an eye. This shot is inside the little chapel of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, on Isle of Hope. The inside of the chapel is all dark varnished wood, and the only light was from the windows. This beautiful banner was standing in the corner. At 6400, I was amazed at the detail, and lack of grain and noise in this photo…I have only had the camera a week, and am still trying to figure out all the buttons and dials… so look out 2010, here I come, I’m gonna make it happen, it will be a good year!
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2009... Comes to an End
Another year of my life is on the books now…so to speak. Yes, I have neglected this section of my life, and web page. I promise I’ll try to do better in these upcoming months. As most people do, I tend to reflect at the end of the year….OK just what do I have to show for 2009… well, the economy tanked- and artist as always take, a big hit. Two galleries that I had prints on display folded. OK, bump in the road, not a good year to see the bank account grow…OK, move on, and improve my skills… keep going. I did get some great shots this year; from the dramatic refuge sunsets to fast action polo to seductive portraits…I still continue to receive praise and compliments from my friends, and more importantly fellow photographers. I feel I have grown, and improved, so this year was not as bad as it may seem! I’m trying to think of which shot would be my favorite for the year… wow there were so many… this may not be my favorite, but it sums up ME pretty well…. I call this one, “Dusty Boots”. I spent a week in July at home in Lafayette, Indiana. The Tippecanoe County 4-H Fair was going on and two of my brother’s grand kids were showing their horses. I had spent ten years in 4-H as a child, and those are some of my fondest memories…I hadn’t been back in probably over ten years, and it has been mmm 30 since I participated. My family thinks of me as a city girl now… but my friends here all know I am still very much the country girl inside. I don’t get to see my family as much as I would like, and often feel that I have lost touch with them. This photo came about after I looked down and realized that I was still, very much, “a Sosbe”. One does not get the opportunity living in Savannah, in July, to wear ones Levi’s an Boots! Of course the kids all thought I was off my rocker, when I was trying to corral them in a circle for this shot… the sun was not helping so we ended up with a line. But here we are, myself in the middle, surrounded by Kaylee, Kolbee, Keegan and Koree. As you can tell, I’m still part of the family!
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Art in the Garage...the story behind the shot

In early summer, I found myself at The Old Mill Motorcycle Museum in Juliette Georgia, also home of the Whistle Stop Cafe' from the movie"Fried Green Tomatoes" .The Museum originally a Grist mill a huge multi floored concrete building, was in a lot of background shots for the movie... What amazing lighting. Huge widows- would make for a fantastic photography studio...I took lots of pics of several vintage Harley-Davidsons. I was going for more of an artisic view- details etc. After I returned, and had some downtime to Tweek as call playing in Photoshop, I messed around with some different filters. I clicked on >Grain, and this is what I got... and I loved it! I donated a framed print to ths 2009 Harley Owners Group's Annual Bikes, Boggie and Blues Dance- a fund raiser for MDA. A friend won the print and was so excited!... for me Tweeking is a bit like fishing, you just never know sometimes what you might come up with, and it feels great when you get a keeper!
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Why do pets touch our hearts with so much intensity? They are only in our lives for a few short years, but they stay in our hearts forever. I lost my girl Aussie over two years ago, but I can look at another Cattle Dog, and still cry... This is Shot, and he is so fortunate to live in the country on a lovely piece of property. He gets to be a dog- no fences, no chains, just freedom- all day... like dogs were made to kennels, no highways... just him, his buddy Storm and their farm with the woods, the ponds and little boys... Like Dog Heaven should be....I miss you Aussie....
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The Story Behind the Shot...

The" White Dove of The Desert" , is San Xavier del Bac Mission, located outside of Tucson, Arizona. My friend Megan and I were driving down to Green Valley to see my friend Donita. She called while we were on the way and told us to make sure we stopped to see the mission. It was amazingly beautiful- and to think that this was built in the late 1700's -without modern technology. We did not stay long, we still had a bit of a drive to go... but I did get some great shots. It was mid day, in late Januarary, and it is a very white building- adds up to a very bright subject! I used a polarizing filter- and I am still learning with it. I didn't really want the background sky- to be almost black, but it turned out nicely. Of the two towers, they don't really know why the second one was never finished. They possibly ran out of money. No one knows for sure. I could have poked around here for hours, but we only had a few minutes. While we were visiting with Donita, she took us a bit further south to another mission. Tumacacori has not been restored. I'll try to get some photos posted soon. While were were in Arizona, we put almost 1700 miles on our poor little rent-a-car. But we both got some very memorable shots of everything from the Red Rocks of Sedona, to the Grand Canyon to the one time Stage Coach station, now turned outdoor biker bar "Grease Wood Flats'. Thank you Megan for a great trip- where are we going next time?!]]>
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..."from the artisit point of view"
I am flying out to Arizona in the morning, and I am wound up with excitement... and that means I won't be falling asleep anytime soon... I am meeting up with my good friend Meagan, and we will be traveling around seeing the sights. Of course, I will have camera in tow... We want to head north from Phoenix to the red rocks of Sedona, and then on to the Grand Canyon... they are calling for snow flurries. I hope it is a dusting- and not a full blown snow fall. The potential for the amazing photo factor is quite high!... wish us luck!
The Melon Bluff Nature Center, in Midway Georgia, is hosting an Arbor Day Photo Contest next month. ... from the flyer..."The focus is on Georgia's magnificent state tree- the live oak- from the artist point of view. Photographs should seek to capture the live oaks unique beauty from minute details to its place in our natural landscape. Former Georgia's State Photographer and 2008 DNR Artist- in- residence, Diane Kirkland, will serve as the judge for this year's inaugural competition." OK- I'm up for that... now just what am I going to enter.... I really don't have any good oak tree shots in my collection... hmmmm. There is an amazing dead tree in the field along the road to the horse barn at work... I just can't get the lighting right for it to stand out from the pack... I'm thinking the contest is looking for wilderness type photos....well... I'm thinking that they are going to have to settle for some - domesticated citi fied oak trees- isn't that what Savannah is known for? so I spent the better part of this past week searching for- my tree shot. Have you ever thought about just how many thousands of trees there are in town and then trying to find the right one- the one that says something... and then trying to get the right angle etc. that is not blocked by a bunch of parked cars, homes etc... like I said- I searched... I was driving down Gaston street at the north end of Forsyth Park yesterday, and looked over... that's it. I made sure I looked at the time to get the lighting just so. There along the sidewalk was the alley of trees and in the back ground was a beautiful blooming Red Bud tree. Sold!. I'll be back. I took today off to pack for my trip etc... was I packing?.. no, I was out twice- tree shot hunting. I got my shots- all 58 of them... try this setting, try this view point .... came back and tweeked them in the computer... had to pull a book out to get a "recipe" for a few things.. and on the other page was the Infrared ... no still not packing- I'm playing with pictures... take color out- put color back... hey that is pretty cool! So- this may not be exactly what they are looking for... but this is what I'm submitting. I can enter two- so I think I will put in this one, and the original- beautiful green colors and then the pop of the red bud in the center- You can see the others on the web page under "Savannah's Oaks"...wish me luck. The opening reception for the contest is Saturday February all I have to do is come up with a title for them uuuuugggghhh! As always - I'm open for suggestions.... and I'm thinking this shot is my new favorite of the month...
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The kind folks at West Main Art Gallery and Studios in downtown Statesboro Georgia, have offered me a month of free wall space, and invited me to be the Featured Artist for April 2009. There will be an opening reception at 5:30pm on the evening of April 3rd. They held a Wildlife Photography Contest and Exhibit this past fall, and my photo- When little Sea Turtles Dream... won Best of Show.

Thank you West Main!
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More News...
My friends and "unofficial fan club members" at the Bull Street Library, have asked me to donate one of my prints- Sunset on Pinckney- for the auction during their annual Fundraising Gala, January 15th 2009. I asked them which one they wanted, and evidently they took a poll, and picked one of my favorites. I am very flattered and this will be another item on the ole resume'.
Thank you Librarians! ... and yes I make sure I use the spell check, because I know one of you will very oh so delicately- point out my mistakes :)
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...New Day...New Year
Well, as they say at the amusement park as the ride is taking off..."Here We Go!". On to a bright shiny new year- filled with new energy, new adventures, new ideas, new challenges, and hopefully most of all, new growth.
New growth for myself not only as as a person, but also as a documentor of moments... of memories...of dreams. As a photographer.
I know there will be bumps along the little back roads of my life... but hopefully I will be able to catch myself, dust off my jeans, and get back on the road again. I hope I will be able to learn something from my mistakes, and will be able to learn and grow from them.
So- lift you glass or cup- and what ever it has in it-high and toast to a new year, and may it be filled with new beginnings, new friends and new memories. Come along with me...Jump on in, the waters fine!
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...Looking back on 2008...
I have been told by more than one person, that I have inspired them to follow their dreams, to do something they have always wanted to do- but hadn't yet...Everyone has dreams, and so many of those dreams are tied down with way too may shouldas,wouldas, couldas, and some days....There comes a point in time where you just have to stand up and take that first step, and DO IT.

I never thought I would get this far- to do something I have always wanted to do. Something that I really have a passion for. Something that evidently- I have gotten fairly good at doing. Something I can be proud of( ...mmm most of the time :) and best of all something that I can share with others. Something beautiful I can create, and something special I can record...

So many of you have been here from the beginning- encouraging me, listening to me, humoring me- "wait,I have just a few more I want to show you"...I would like to take this moment to thank you- you are what keeps me going much of the time.

Yes, the economy sucks at the moment- and will more than likely get worse before it gets better... and artwork is a luxury...but here is to an even better 2009!

So... I'm going to "ride this little pony as long as I can", and we will just see where I end up... that's part of the fun- I never know where, and what I will be doing next.

See you there! Ann]]>
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December 5, 2008- Wright's Square Merchant's Association held their Annual Holiday Open House. Susan Jaffe of "smooth"- located at York Ln. and Bull Street invited me to display several prints during this event. THANK YOU SUSAN! This display will be up until February ,2009.

October-2008 West Main Art Gallery & Studio, located in Statesboro, GA., held a Juried Photography Exhibition benefiting "The Raven Oaks Raptor Sanctuary".
My image- "When Little Sea Turtles Dream", won Best in Show! THANK you West Main!

September 2008- I entered several prints in the "Photography Competition and Exhibition", held during the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia. I went to see how my photos did... and to check out the competition..what a cold misty nasty day... but it was an impressive display of talent from all over the state. There were several different categories that I entered. A sepia toned print of one of my sisters chickens( of all things) won a 1st place blue ribbon for "Monotone Animals".. A print of the Tybee Island Lighthouse at sunset won a 6th place ribbon for "Scenic", and the print of the Mushroom- "Miss Sylvia's Pearl Necklace" won a 4th place ribbon for "Plant Life"... not to bad for my first time. :)
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<no title> December 2008- Sadly to say, but due to the failing economy, Dimensions Gallery has closed it's doors.... They might open again in a few years... Good luck with your next endeavor Cryselle.]]> (One Horse Photography) Thu, 25 Dec 2008 19:11:00 GMT News...
May 30, 2008- Deep South Orchid Society- hosts their Orchid Show" Orchids in the Garden" I entered three photos of Sandy Hardy's flowers, and won a first, second and third place ribbon. My print "Modest" won the Rick Raines Award for Best in Class. Thank you Sandy!

March 2008- My print"Passion's Play" was a big hit at the Silent Auction for First City Network's Annual Oyster Roast. Thank you so much Jane and Penny, for giving "my girls" a new home!

March 2008- Horizon Gallery, 206 East Bay St. is displaying several of my prints. They are focusing on local Savannah artists, and have a great location!

January 2008- Southern Most Hotel in Key West, Florida, will begin using one of my photos for an ad in She Magazine in south Florida, and on their web page. Thank You Southern Most!

October 26, 2007- I now have several prints on display for sale at Dimensions Gallery at 412 Martin Luther King Blvd. Savannah.This is a new gallery that is dedicatedo providing local and developing artist with a place to showcase their art”. Cryselle Stewart the curator was gracious enough to ask for several pieces to be on display in the front room of the gallery. THANK YOU CRYSELLE!!!!

October 22, 2007- I entered two of my photos in "The National Arts Program In Savannah".This is a yearly employee and family art exhibit/award program showcasing indigenous art of America. It is a basic people program for employees and their families of municipalities, countries and commercial organizations. The program is in its 25th year. A reception and presentation of awards will be held on November 9,2007 at the S.P.A.C. E. Gallery, 9 West Henry Street. All works will be on public display from November 9-January 4, 2008. I have posted a link to the website, on my Links page

Key West WomenFest 2007- Please e-mail me for the password...this website is rated "G"

August 18, 2007-Thank you Brenden!! I now have several photos on display at the Kayak Kafe’- located in the Lobby of the Downtown Athletic Club at 1 East Broughton Street, Savannah, Georgia.

July 20, 2007- The "Opening Party" at smooth was a success and thanks to all that attended, and another thanks to those that made purchases! The photos will be up Mid July thru mid Sept. at "smooth" 143 Bull Street, Savannah.

May 1, 2007- Here it is the "One Horse Photography" web page!

April 28, 2007- got some very good shots at the PBR Bull Riding event at the Savannah Civic Center. The 'Bull" manager inquired about photos for his web site

April 25, 2007- Spoke with Susan Jaffie of 'Smooth" a new smoothie, coffee, and internet cafe that is located at 143 Bull Street downtown Savannah, Georgia. In mid July to about mid August, I will have several photos on display for the month. We also discussed an 'opening' evening. Whoo hoo!

April 1, 2007- WIN Fest 2007 Opening of "A Day in the Life of an Artist" at the Telfair Arts Academy. My print of Leslie Adele'- local soul, jazz & funk singer is on display for two weeks.

March 29-April 1, 2007- Spent the weekend shooting photos for the Historic Savannah Foundation's 7th Annual Savannah Garden and Antique Exposition. To include the Thursday night Preview Party, Friday night Wine Tasting Party. Saturday’s Walking Tour of Gardens and the Sunday Jazz Brunch. They included several photos in the HSF news letter, and will be posting some to the web page.

Spring 2007- I participated in several evening photography courses at AASU that were given by Paula Williamson. Thank you Paula for opening my eyes and mind...old dogs can learn a few tricks ;)

January 2007 -Participated in the “Women’s Independence Network” aka WIN Photojournalism Workshop held at the JEA. The theme of this class is, "A Day in the Life Of a Woman Artist". This was a wonderful workshop. I got to meet some great people, learn, and push myself into parts unknown. Thank you to all involved!
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...In the Begining... (One Horse Photography) Thu, 25 Dec 2008 18:58:00 GMT <no title> (One Horse Photography) Thu, 25 Dec 2008 18:56:00 GMT